Some stuff people are saying about the new Medium stream/inline editor

Robin Sloan:

Medium = “the box you type into on the internet.”

To which, Sippey said: “There is no box.”

Owen Williams:

Oh man. Medium’s new quick-post format is awesome; it’s the perfect place for those quick hot takes on things without the pressure to write something longer. I love this idea.

Charlie Deets:

This is a crazy move by Medium. I get LiveJournal vibes which isn’t a bad thing.

Liaiƶon Wakest:

Medium trying to compete in the microblogging game now? I thought the whole point was to get away from that…

Nope. It’s not “microblogging.” It’s just blogging.

Emmanuel Quartey:

Brian Ries:

I’m loving the idea that Medium’s ditched The Headline.

More to come…

CEO of Medium, partner at Obvious Ventures, co-founder of Twitter, curious consumer of ideas

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