More claps does not necessarily = more money. It’s all relative to the user. Each member’s portion of the partner program budget is allocated relative to their claps.

E.g., if I give 100 claps (one each) to 100 stories over the month and you give 5,000 claps (50 each) to 100 different stories over the month, the stories I clapped on and the stories you clapped on will get the same amount (minus anything from other people).

If I give 10 claps to one and one clap to the rest, that story will get 10x what the rest get (from me).

Another example: if you clap for a single story all month, it will get the same amount (100% of your allocation) whether you clap once or 50 times.

The idea of the variable number is that, as a member, you can dole out value as you see fit. But we will reward writers the same amount even if you don’t clap at all (we’ll just have less data to go on).

Sorry for the confusion. I blame myself.

CEO of Medium, partner at Obvious Ventures, co-founder of Twitter, curious consumer of ideas

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