Let’s rethink the book experience 📚

Medium announced today that we’re acquiring a company called Glose, which is based in Paris, France. Glose is an ebook reader and store, similar to Kindle (but without the hardware). Like Kindle, you can buy almost any ebook (on the web), download it and read it instantly on the web or in the iOS or Android app.

I’ll post more at another time about why this deal and how we got here, why books are still important, how they might be better, and some of the things we plan to do. For now, I’ll just say I’m very excited about this and have been wanting to do it for a long time.

Also: We want to rethink the book-reading experience, and we’re hiring. If you’re a certain type of book-loving designer, product person, or engineer, this might be a dream job for you. Did I mention the books team will be based in Paris? (We don’t have any jobs posted yet, but you can email jobs@medium.com.)

(In anticipation of one question that may come up: We are not planning to bundle books into Medium Membership, though there could be book-related benefits. TBD.)

Lastly, if you’re a book author (and there are a ton on Medium), we’d love to hear how we can make your lives better (and help you sell books).



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