When I read Buster’s post, I thought: Sounds cool, but no way it’s better than meditation. So I didn’t really consider it.

And then I realized: Wait, he’s not saying you have to do it instead.

And then I read Tim Ferriss’s post on morning pages.

And then today I tried it. What I actually did, before going to work, was meditate for 20 minutes, as per usual. And then I sat and tried to write 750 words non-stop. I got to 419 in about 10 minutes. And then I stopped.

It didn’t feel mindblowing or particularly productive at the time. But all day, I’ve been thinking, writing, and focusing at an above-average level (for me).

It’s been one day, so who knows. Lots of variables here. But I’ll try it again.

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CEO of Medium, partner at Obvious Ventures, co-founder of Twitter, curious consumer of ideas

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