This is hilarious, re early Apple employee Burrell Smith, from Andy Hertzfeld’s book:

One of his favorite expressions was “I’ll be your best friend”. He offered “best friendship” for a wide range of activities, like making some change in the software for him or getting him a Coke from the gas station. “Best friendship takes place”, he would declare if pleased with the results. He also had a habit of reducing things to initials, like “B.F.R.” for “Best Friendship Relationship”.

Once, right after Burrell conferred best friendship upon me, I heard him offer best friendship to someone else, for a different favor. “Wait a second”, I challenged Burrell, “How can you give out best friendship to someone else? There can be only one best friend at a time, can’t there?”

Burrell had a quick reply, delivered with a smile. “Of course there can be only one “best” friend at a given instant of time. But best friendship relationships may be highly dynamic. The average length of a best friendship is three to five milliseconds. So there’s no problem in having a new B.F.R. a second or two later.”

CEO of Medium, partner at Obvious Ventures, co-founder of Twitter, curious consumer of ideas

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