Today, while signing up for a new Spotify account just to see what that sign-up flow was like, I learned there’s a sub-genre of music called “blog house.” The origins are described at factmag:

“Blog house was what happened when people who ought to have been in bands spent more time in nightclubs than in venues,” says Jas Shaw, half of one of the era’s taste-making DJ duos Simian Mobile Disco. “These same people spent as much time online as in ‘proper’ record shops. Blogs were essentially just digital fanzines but they could reach further, and rather than just enthuse about a record they had just found, they could post it — you could grab it and hear it, or play it in your own town that night. It was the beginning of what we take for granted now.”

Here’s the Spotify Playlist that was recommended to me and which I’m jamming to at the moment:

Yor welcome.

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