Hi. Welcome to my Medium. I'm the CEO of Medium and have been creating web pages that help people create web pages for the last 20+ years.

I grew up in the middle of the cornfields in the middle of the United States (Nebraska, to be more specific). Right about here:

See also: Old Pictures

After an illustrious high school career (which involved a lot of sleeping at my desk and being the only boy *not* on the football team), I journeyed to the big city—it really did seem like a big (scary) city—of Lincoln, Nebraska to attend the University of Nebraska, where I got* my Ph.d.** in journalism.

*27 years later.

After meandering around (Florida, Texas), I came back to Nebraska and started playing with the internet in 1993. I found it to be the most interesting thing in the world

After a failed entrepreneurial venture (or two, or three...) I made it out to Silicon Valley in 1997 to be in the room where it happens.


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