“Writing is not what follows research, learning or studying, it is the medium of all this work.”

— Sönke Ahrens, How to Take Smart Notes

I want to see your links.

We launched a new feature. It’s very old skool. If you’re on the desktop web, you can see it in the left-hand sidebar of ev.medium.com. If you go to your profile, you can turn yours on. It lists the people and/or publications you follow that have most recently posted. That’s it.

Have fun surfing around 🏄!


I’ve been carrying the secret for 25 years. Today, I’m coming clean. This is the untold true story of a corporate April Fools prank gone wrong.

This is great! I wondered was was going on in my brain. :)

We announced a buyout and leadership change to the Medium editorial team today. Below is the email I sent to the company.


We are making some changes to our editorial strategy and leadership and giving a voluntary exit option to employees who would like to take a different path. Details on these changes were announced to the editorial team this afternoon. This email is to share this news more widely and give some context.

First, the context:

Though Medium has been an open platform since day one, we’ve had an editorial team almost as long. The original thesis was…

This piece on Bitcoin is really good (and more impressive, since it was written three years ago — wish I’d have read it then 🤑):

h/t jack

This is cool on a couple of levels. A) Go Spotify. B) It gives credence to the theory that Google and Apple can't dominate everything—even though they own the devices, control app distribution, take ridiculous rakes on payments, etc. Because there's always the potential for the cross-platform player to be bigger than either of them in a given space.

Ev Williams

CEO of Medium, partner at Obvious Ventures, co-founder of Twitter, curious consumer of ideas

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