12 taglines for Odeo

I found an old file called taglines. For context, Odeo was a podcasting product, and these were likely thought of as being delivered in audio.

  1. Keep listening at Odeo dot com.
  2. Odeo: We put the O in podcasts and still have an extra O.
  3. Do you hear what we hear? Odeo dot com.
  4. Listen to more podcasts at Odeo dot com.
  5. This podcast and more at Odeo dot com.
  6. Believe everything you here at Odeo dot com.
  7. Oh. We say oh. We say oh-oh dee oh. Odeo dot com.
  8. There’s lots of podcasts at Odeo dot com.
  9. This podcast is proudly listed at Odeo dot com.
  10. If you are hearing this, then Odeo dot com has already won.
  11. Hear hear! Odeo dot com is the place for podcasts.
  12. Odeo dot come has tons of podcasts pass it on.

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